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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ur company complies with laws related to the protection of personal information, guidelines concerning the protection of personal information, and other relevant laws and ordinances relating to the handling of personal information collected by our company. Additionally, we also adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

1.Definition of Personal Information

“Personal information” refers to information about an individual, including but not limited to their name, address, email address, phone and fax numbers, nationality, gender, travel details, other descriptions, images, audio, or individually assigned numbers or symbols, or any other codes that could identify an individual.

2.Purpose of Using Personal Information

We collect personal information such as email addresses, names, and dates of birth in order to respond to inquiries submitted to our website. However, for specific cases where we have stated that the usage purposes are limited within individual sections of the site, we will adhere to those stated purposes. We do not collect or use personal information related to race, ethnicity, lineage, family background, domicile, religion, political views, or labor union membership.

3.Collection of Personal Information

When using our website’s services, the following personal information may be collected by our company. a.Names, addresses, genders, dates of birth, company/organization names, job positions, email addresses b.Other personal information required for services provided by our company

All of this information will be collected in a lawful and fair manner in accordance with the purposes of collection (2. Purpose of Using Personal Information).

4.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for the following cases, we will not disclose personal information collected on our website to third parties without the client’s consent. a.When the individual has given prior consent b.When information is required to be disclosed by laws and ordinances c.When provision is deemed necessary to protect human life, body, or property and obtaining consent from the individual would be difficult d.When provision is deemed particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting healthy child development and obtaining consent from the individual would be difficult e.When cooperation is required for government agencies, local public bodies, or their delegates to perform duties stipulated by laws and ordinances, and obtaining consent from the individual could hinder the execution of such duties f.When it is determined particularly necessary for safeguarding the rights of the client or our website g.When outsourcing the handling of personal information to the extent necessary for business operations h.When provision is required by other personal information protection laws

5.Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

  • a.Clients can request the correction or deletion of their own personal information held on our website through a procedure designated by our company if such personal information is incorrect.
  • b.When it has been decided whether to allow the correction or deletion of personal information on our website, the client will be notified without delay.
  • c.When the personal information is no longer necessary in accordance with the usage purposes (2. Purpose of Using Personal Information), we will erase or dispose of the personal information. Such erasure or disposal will be carried out by a necessary and appropriate method to prevent external leakage or the like within the limits of what is necessary for business operations.

6.Management of Personal Information

  • (1) While our website takes reasonable and strict security measures to prevent risks such as unauthorized access leading to the loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information, please note that our website cannot be held responsible for the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc., of personal information due to reasons beyond our website's responsibility, such as the following: a.When clients disclose personal information in a form that can be accessed by anyone on the internet b.When clients disclose personal information on websites other than our website c.When personal information leaks from the device used by the client or when personal information leaks due to the use of passwords under the client's control d.When the email address entered by the client in various inquiry forms is incorrect
  • (2)Security
    On webpages where personal information is registered, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, an industry-standard for confidentiality, is used for data transmission.
  • (3)Use of Cookies
    Our website uses cookies when utilizing the website to collect information such as access regions, IP addresses, and browser types for displaying appropriate content, providing social media functions, and analyzing traffic. Additionally, information about visitors' usage of the website is collected and analyzed using the following access analysis tools. The information collected here may be combined with other information provided by visitors to these tools or information collected when using services provided by various third parties.
    Google Analytics、Google Search Console
    Users can reject (opt-out) the receipt of cookies or delete stored cookies through their computer browser settings.

7.Applicable Law

While our website can be accessed from countries around the world with different laws, clients accessing our website agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of Tokyo, regardless of differences in legal principles.

8.Changes to the Privacy Policy

The content of this Privacy Policy may be changed without notice to clients. The revised Privacy Policy will take effect from the time it is posted on our website, except as separately stipulated by our website. Our website will not make any descriptions or displays regarding whether the website's content is appropriate for clients' environments. Access to our website is at the discretion of the client, and responsibility for usage lies with the client.

9.Contact for Complaints and Consultations

Our company designates a contact point and person responsible for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. Please contact us through the inquiry form. We will respond promptly.
Kaguya Reisebüro LLC
Personal Information Complaints and Consultations Contact Person: Mariko Sugie